Bookmobile and Outreach Information Repository Project (BOIR) 

BOIR Project

ABOS is aiming to archive, unify, and further bookmobile and library outreach services worldwide with a multipurpose database.

To date, outreach services have not been adequately researched, recorded, and archived.

The ABOS Board created the BOIR Project Committee to change that. 

This compiled information will be used in a variety of ways to enhance and promote library outreach services worldwide.


‚ÄčLibraries quietly provide bookmobile and outreach services to their local Communities, be it homebound and senior services, service to daycare facilities, schools or the incarcerated. Outreach services are ever-evolving, thanks in part to new technologies and the creativity of library personnel.

¬∑         They have been and will continue to be a critical link connecting underserved populations to books, computers, and other resources that promote early childhood literacy, lifelong learning, and community enrichment.

¬∑         To date, these valuable services have not been adequately archived for future reference or appropriately surveyed at a high level to help ensure their continued success. The BOIR project aims to change that for the good of all.

What’s Your Role?
oin us in creating this invaluable tool by adding your information to the database and help us maintain your vital information in this resource. Then discover what a great resource you have contributed in the outreach community.


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